World-renowned academic painter Gordana Nenadović, professor, pedagogue and icon painter, in addition to numerous awards for many years of artistic work, received the “Tesla Award” for art, pedagogical work and a special form of communication, from the Tesla Science Foundation, at a conference in New York. January 14, 2023. This high recognition was presented to her by the founder and president of the foundation, the distinguished Mr. Nikola Lončar.

The reason we are only doing the interview now is Gordanina's move from Chicago to Florida, the many obligations she had, travels, exhibitions, but also her modesty, because she does not like to brag, she believes that the results of her work speak best about us. However, due to the respect of the audience and the media, she found time for the interview when she was on a short visit to Chicago.
Gordana Nenadović's artistic merits are great, she held numerous exhibitions (over 80 because after 50, she promised herself that she would not count them) in many cities of the world: Belgrade, Chicago, New York, Toronto, Zurich, Moscow, Vienna, Lugano, Frankfurt , San Francisco, Dallas, Milwaukee, Houston, Washington, Sarajevo, Miami, etc…

Gordana Nenadović is a top artist who recognizes beauty in existence itself in every moment of life, which is a reflection of her inner vision and is the crown of her work on herself. She does not separate the idea of ​​”beautiful from good” until she gets “perfect”, which radiates from every picture of her together with her gentle romantic soul! The sparks of nobility, spirituality, aesthetics and brilliance hovering over the painting make Gordana a unique painter, our pride, an ambassador of the culture of the Serbian people in America and the world!

You recently painted a Phoenix that caused great interest among the public. Illuminated by the light and colors of the sun, powerful, luxuriously beautiful, it has a very impressive effect on people. What motivated you to paint it? What message are you sending your audience with it?

The Egyptian myth of the Phoenix is ​​a beautiful story. Many people can see themselves in her. A person must spread his wings to fly over his inner universe in search of self-respect, dignity, motivation and the land of his dreams and love… it is an individual who could be an inspiration to others, to walk with spread wings.
I painted that phoenix after one encounter, I realized that the most difficult fight is a man's with himself. That Phoenix gave birth to strong emotions, a new outlook on life, a new smile… Most people have been a Phoenix at least once.

Your pictures testify to a deep emotional connection with you. In the Confessions of Art that you present to us, mastery, authenticity, wisdom, insight, joy and loneliness sometimes intertwine, and love and happiness are somehow broadcast sublimely, powerfully occupying the entire canvas. What do you think is sublime love and happiness, how are they earned, obtained and given?

Sublime love means loving sincerely and unconditionally, without any expectations. It's a nice feeling when you respect another person's freedom. Little things make happiness. The meaning of life is when you are part of other people's happiness, when you know that you love every person as your brother, when you help with love… We are all connected in the cosmos, we recognize each other by the energy in us, it's a strange energy – no words are needed. I am happy when all the people I know are happy. I love brave, direct, humane, noble people – they are blessings on the Planet. People will remember us by our words and deeds. Love is a force stronger than any other. It is invisible, but powerful enough to transform you in an instant and give you more joy than anything else. You meet thousands of people and no one touches your heart. And then you meet one person and your life changes – forever.

In January of this year, the “Tesla Scientific Foundation” conference was held in New York, where you received the “Tesla Award”, which is a great recognition. How much does this award mean to you, what does a great success mean to you?

Success should not be measured not so much by the position that someone reached during his life, but by the obstacles that he had to overcome. The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job, and the determination to, win or lose, give our best to the task at hand. Tesla's award is a great honor and responsibility for mе.

The Foundation annually awards awards for achievements in technology, education, culture, and the arts that are related to Tesla or his work.

Nikola Tesla was a great humanitarian, a true genius. Tesla's most significant inventions are the polyphase system, the rotating magnetic field, the asynchronous motor, the synchronous motor and the Tesla transformer. He also discovered one of the ways to generate high-frequency current, made a significant contribution to the transmission and modulation of radio signals, and his work in the field of X-rays was also noted. Many do not know that Nikola Tesla was a Serb, his father was an Orthodox priest.

President of the Tesla Scientific Foundation, Mr. Nikola Lončar, during the awarding of “Tesla's work” to Gordani Nenadović, said:

“Gordana is a proud personality of our community who, through her art, creates in the most beautiful way, the union of our people with the American people and members of other nations living in the USA.

Gordana's motto “to hide what is not beautiful with the beautiful, to hide what is not good with the good” is something that is generally accepted at the Nikola Tesla Foundation by our members and associates. Gordana's work and talent is great, but her moral character is even greater, and as a pedagogue, she is always positive and ready to help others to follow the right path with good and beautiful questions. Her status as a recognized artist in the USA means a lot both for this country and for the Tesla Science Foundation, because Gordana's pedagogical and artistic work has been passed on to young people and helps them see the world around them in the most beautiful light. This year, she received an award and recognition from the “Tesla Science Foundation for a special type of communication and as a top artist and pedagogue who is important for cooperation in the field of culture and art between the American and Serbian people. Her artistic work is known in Europe and Canada as well as in America, she especially left a valuable mark on her students in her long-term pedagogical work at a school in Serbia. This personality profile of an artist with a strong character, attitude and moral values ​​is important for the good of this state of America”.

The interview for the Canadian magazine “SLOVO” and the picture on the cover show that your popularity in that country is not accidental. How do you perceive the fact that your exhibitions are increasingly sought after abroad? We have information that you have received an invitation to an exhibition in Australia.

Every invitation I get for an exhibition is very important to me. I like traveling to other countries, getting to know the culture and lifestyle of other people. With age comes wisdom, and with travel comes understanding. Traveling makes us more humble – then you see how small a place you occupy in the world. I had three exhibitions in Canada, two in Toronto, one in Calgary and a nice experience with people.

Jelena Kiš in Goca Nenadović's Atelier in Chicago

Yes, I have an invitation to have exhibitions in Australia next year. There are my close friends in that country who organize my exhibitions: Jelena Kiš is a well-known immigration lawyer in Sydney, Rade Berak is an economist, designer and well-known journalist, Goran Dojčinović is an art professor, Željko Gojković, a consulate and many others in Australia. Jelena Kish was with me in Chicago and we agreed on that event.

You moved from Chicago definitely to Florida. How did you fit into the new environment, what do you like best about Florida? Are you planning to work with children and take painting classes?

Florida's climate is good for my health and mood. I love the sun, the smell of the ocean, the sand, the smiles of people passing by that I didn't see in cold Chicago. Mood also depends on sunny days because the sun emits a special joy in us. I also loved that windy city, many of my friends live there. Working with children is my passion and love, I have a great connection with them in classes. I hope that the implementation of art classes with children and adults will begin soon. The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.

Your exhibition and art evening in Miami has been announced, what will be the content of the program? What are you planning in the coming period?

The art evening and my exhibition will be on November 18 in Miami. The program includes piano by Marta Branković, opera by Prof. Slađana Sarić, poetry by Tanja Jokić, ballet dr. Dušanka Ivanova, Denver Cooper guitar. My exhibition as well as the program are dedicated to everyone who will come because they deserve it, but it is especially intended for one specific person who is important on this planet. The evening will be covered by the media. Before that program, I should realize exhibitions in California, Tennessee, Indiana… in October.

I don't like to say that I have plans, I have wishes and dreams. Imagine how much you would achieve if you spent the same amount of energy on your dreams as you do on your fears. The moment you focus on your dreams, your possibilities become countless. Boundaries begin to disappear and everything begins to change.

And finally, your message to the readers.

If you firmly and clearly want something and it is not at the expense of others and you put all your intention into that desire, all the forces of the universe will help you make your wishes come true. Every great dream begins with a daydream. Always remember: You have the patience and passion inside you to reach for the stars and change the world.

Portrait of our editor Slavica Momaković, who is also a famous pop artist, and which Gordana painted for her


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