In the Serbian Cultural Center, within the “St. Simeon the Myrrh-flowing” Serbian Orthodox Church in Miami; Florida, an artistic evening was held on Saturday, May 27, dedicated to exceptional female artists with impressive careers, who combined painting and classical music to create impressive, spectacular evening in front of Serbian and American audience offering them moments to remember.

“Black Swan” of piano Marta Branković, masterfully performed  the works of Chopin, a couple of modern authors and two of her own compositions with which she completely delighted the audience.

Marta Milošević Branković is one of the world’s most famous, awards wining , pianists and composers. Originally from Belgrade she won the “Bronze Medal” for composing her original composition “SLAVA” which was one of the best modern-classical works at the “Global Music Awards” competition. The award came into the right hands, because Marta has been engaged in very successful composing for a long time. Her virtuoso technique, stylistic expression, sensibility, powerful creativity, musical visualization make her special and original.

The famous academic painter Gordana Nenadović Milivojčević exhibited her magical paintings of modern art which, according to many, take your breath away at first glance and heal the mind and soul.

Gordana Nenadović with one of her paintings

Gordana Nenadović Milivojčević, a world-renowned painter who has had numerous exhibitions in the metropolis all over the world, is this year's winner of the Tesla Award (in New York) and the Gold Medal for pedagogical work, art and a special form of communication. She graduated from the Pedagogical Academy in Šabac and the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade. She taught art education at the school in Ljig and Dudovica. She makes oil and acrylic paintings on canvas, watercolors and paints clothes, walls and furniture. She continued to give painting classes in Florida, where she recently started to live and creates works of art that reflect the nuances of her refined artistic soul and view of a better and more beautiful world.

While I was doing this reportage, we received very important, exclusive news, especially the AUTHORIZATION that Gordana Nenadović received from the president of the Association “Nikola Tesla” Podgorica, Professor Dr. Tripko Draganić, which we quote in part: Ms. Gordana Milivojčević Nenadović, is fully AUTHORIZED to be the first coordinator for the creation of a unique future Gallery of art paintings from the most famous academic painters from around the world, which will be exhibited in the NIKOLA TESLA GALLERY, as a permanent exhibition in TESLA-VILLAGE in the village of Petrovice, Banjani, Nikšić , Montenegro. Those artistic paintings will be dedicated to Nikola Tesla, the world's greatest inventor and brilliant cosmic genius, gifted by our Serbian heritage…”

Gordana and Marta

Tanja Jokić – She studied English  Literature in Serbia and Psychology in Paris at Sorbonne University. She is a contemporary artist specialized in Fluid Media. Tanja says: “I am constantly inspired by the vibrations of colors and the magic they produce while they interact and dance together. This gives me the power to restore my energy. My art is freeing and helps me to express the Divine within me”.

The magical atmosphere was contributed, all together, by Tanja Jokić's paintings with unique and special colors, Maja Kovač's unforgettable paintings on glass, priest’s wife Sava Krstić's unique imaginative paintings on silk, while Anastasija Krstić's inspired singing of jazz music accompanied by Marta Branković's piano spiced up the sumptuous atmosphere…

Maja Kovač – stained glass artist, graduated from the Art School in Hanover (Germany) and graduated from the University of Belgrade. She made stained glass windows and renovated museums and palaces in Germany, France, Turkey, Belgrade, Austria, England. She uses lead and copper foil methods in her work. Now she does stained glass in Florida, Chicago and New York.

Sava Krstić graduated from Medical school in Serbia and is a very successful Real Estate agent in Florida. She shows her artistic soul on well-painted silk and handicrafts made of thread and wool. Her three daughters have exceptional talent for both painting and music, as does her husband orthodox priest Milan Krstić.

Anastasija Krstić graduated from Music school in Serbia and Business College in Florida. Her voice in jazz music delighted the audience. In the gallery you can see pictures from the art evening in Miami.

Reverand father Milan Krstić

Priest wife Sava Krstić

Gordana Nenadović with Dr. Richard Foltz, who is a very famous neurosurgeon in Florida

The art evening in Miami confirms how recognized and successful our artists are in America and the world, which is of great importance for our people and Serbian culture.
Soon, in an individual interview with Godana Nenadović, we will talk more about her future involvement in the Nikola Tesla Gallery in Tesla Village in Montenegro.



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